• Daemon News (http://bsdnews.com) This site provides links to news postings on all BSD topics, not just FreeBSD.
  • FreeBSD Mall (http://www.freebsdmall.com) The people who run FreeBSD Mall have been commercial supporters of FreeBSD since the beginning. They sell FreeBSD on CD and DVD and offer training and support contracts, as well as FreeBSD paraphernalia such as clothes and toys. FreeBSD Mall is owned by IX Systems.
  • O’Reilly Network BSD Developer Center (http://www.onlamp.com/bsd) This site hosts a variety of BSD articles, as well as content of interest to BSD users. In my utterly unbiased opinion, the most fascinating thing on the site is the Big Scary Daemons column on BSD, but everything else there is also pretty good.
  • Google has a BSD-specific search site at http://www.google.com/bsd